Online forums where you can earn money by posting comments

We all have been active on social media sites for years now and spend a lot of time online every day or every week, but had you ever got paid a single penny from those websites? No. 
Right, so today I will share with you a method where you will get paid to comment on forums along with creating a new thread, submitting articles etc. You just need to follow the rules of the website and comment appropriately.
                      Paid forum posting will only work for you if you post genuine comments that make some sense as per the topic. On the other hand, if you post trash comment only to earn money then you may get banned in that forum. So, here is the list of genuine pay per post forums.


BeerMoneyForum is a very active paid to post forum where you will get paid for your activity ranging from posting comments on threads, creating new threads and completing simple tasks posted by other members. This website pays you BMF coins for your work initially, which later you can redeem for Paypal cash. The minimum payment threshold is just $1 for 1000 BMF coins.

A very stable and long-standing pay per post forum. Along with posting comments and creating threads you can earn from submitting your articles in Forumcoin. Your articles will be checked before they can be added to the article section of the Forumcoin. You will get 50 FC's to 150 FC's for each article that gets accepted. You can cash out 500 FC's to $5 Paypal cash.

get paid to post site

                Other paid to post forums that can also work for you if you have good command over English language and different topics that can be discussed on these forums. These websites actually have many forums covering different categories. You will have to choose your interest first when you join these websites and then you can post on the forums of your interest and knowledge.

A strict but a very high paying paid to post forum where you can choose the different forums as per your interest ranging from gaming, online jobs, and many others. Firstly, you have to pass their test to qualify for posting on this forum and then you can work regularly and earn dollars daily. Minimum payout is just $5 through Paypal.

TheForumWheel is very much similar to the Postloop. TheForumWheel will review your application and posts before accepting to work with them. There are many different forums available to choose from as per your interest. You can redeem for Paypal cash rewards when you hit $10.

MyLot is very much different from all the other paid to post forums shared above. In MyLot you will not get paid as per the number of comments or threads you posted, you will get paid for the interactions you make on this forum. So, it can take some time before you make friends and start interacting better with others and earn a decent income. Cash rewards can be redeemed with Paypal if you reach $5 at the end of the month.

Few other paid to post forums that are new but paying their members honestly, for the time being, you just have to post and get paid.


While earning money by posting on these forums one can also get to know about other online money making methods and get to paid websites. These forums will definitely increase your online earnings if you follow them closely. I hope you get benefited from the websites listed above. Have a nice day.