Top 3 Micro job sites to earn money online

Micro job sites are the websites where one can earn money by completing simple tasks or micro jobs and on the other hand, one can also post micro jobs for others to complete and pay them appropriately. Micro job sites play as a middleman between employers and workers.

Types of jobs available in micro job sites are quick and easy, ranging from liking, commenting etc. to downloading and reviewing apps. Most of the jobs available on these sites take only about a minute to complete. So, it is definitely worth to try and earn money from micro job sites especially if you have very limited time available for online activities.

Here are the top 3 legit micro job sites that are paying their members honestly from many years.

Microworkers is the leading micro job site and first choice for every micro jobs worker or employer. The number of micro jobs completed on microworkers platform is huge as per compared to any other micro job site available online. The trustworthiness of microworkers comes from the fact that it is paying since 2009 without any problem.

The payment for jobs may not look great but it is much better as compared to its competitors. Microworkers pays its members every Wednesday and Sunday provided you reach the minimum payment threshold which is just $9 can be achieved within a few days. You get a lot of payment processors to choose from including PayPal. Microworkers earning proof can be found below.
Microworkers payment proof

Picoworkers is the sister site of microworkers but is somewhat new. The amount of jobs available in Picoworkers is somewhat low but the payment per job is comparable to microworkers. It may take you longer to earn money in Picoworkers but it definitely pays and you just need $5 to redeem your reward through Paypal. However, you may have to go through a verification process for your first payment and after that, it is like a piece of cake journey for you.

There are two types of jobs available in Picoworkers. One of the types is small jobs that are similar to the jobs available in microworkers and another type is ongoing jobs where employers post their requirements for the job and then the workers apply for that job in the hope of getting selected and work for longer projects rather than one time small jobs.

Rapidworkers has lots of jobs available to complete and earn money but the payment for most of the jobs is very low and it takes some effort and time to reach the minimum threshold. Your rapidworkers earning will depend on your location and the time spent in completing tasks. You can redeem your reward through PayPal as soon as you reach $8. Many people prefer rapidworkers more than microworkers or picoworkers. It all depends upon your geographical location or the jobs available for you.

These are the top micro job sites online, by working on them you can earn a decent side income without much hassle. So, I would definitely recommend to least give it a try if you need some extra cash that can help you pay some bills for you. Good luck.
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