How to work on Microworkers effectively?

Today I will share the different ways to earn money from Microworkers. I will provide every detail in my microworkers tutorial that can help you to earn some quick bucks. If you have never heard of Microworkers before, let me tell you:-

Microworkers:- Microworkers is a short tasks website where you can earn money by completing some easy tasks. These tasks can be of different types like Reddit upvote, facebook share, youtube comment etc. To see sites similar to microworkers check these best micro task sites.

So far I have been able to earn about $256  from microworkers within a few months and you can earn even more depending upon your location. Also, I have only spent 1-2 hours daily to earn this income. Your earnings may look small at the start but it will increase as you complete more tasks successfully as your rating will be increased that results in more tasks available for you.

Website link:

Ways to earn from Microworkers:-

1) Like, comment and share:- These are the most basic jobs available in Microworkers. In these tasks, you have to like or comment on the required post. These posts could be from any platform like facebook, Reddit etc.

2) Sign up:- Here you have to join the specified website as a referral to other people. They are not that much time consuming either as per the payment.

3) App download:- It is the best task available in Microworkers as far as earnings are concerned. You just need to complete these as soon as possible before they expire. In these tasks, you have to download the specified app from the Playstore or Appstore and provide a good review for the same. You can earn like $0.50 - $1 from this task.

4) Search and Click:- Here you will be asked to perform a google search for the provided keyword and then click on the website result as per the instructions.

5) Other tasks:- All the remaining tasks comes under this category. Just simply follow the instructions and complete the task. Don't ignore these tasks as these will also add up to your earnings.

These are the different ways to earn money from microworkers but keep in mind to add the proof of task completion before submitting the task. The task author will only approve your task after having a look at the proof submitted by you.

Payment:- Generally on Wednesday's and Sunday's you can expect Microworkers payout. You can request for payment as long as you have the minimum balance of $9 for Paypal or $20 for Payoneer. I would recommend you to use Payoneer for your first withdrawal and then switch to Paypal for subsequent payments as Paypal can take too long for first payment due to some pin related issues which are not the case with Payoneer. Indian members can easily $50 per month from Microworkers whereas members from the USA can earn multiple times than this.

Payment proof:-

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