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Testing: Testing is of utmost importance for most of the online businesses as they don't want to fall behind their competitors. Testing makes sure the website runs without any errors, design flaws, and improper functionality so that the customers can have an excellent interaction with the website. Ultimately, it leads to better conversion rates or sales for the businesses making them huge profits.

                  In usability testing, the users(testers) interact with the website as per the need or instructions and observe the behavior of the website and then provide a short report about their experience with the website. These reports really help the website owners as they get to know the shortcomings of their websites on different platforms and at the same time get constructive feedback from the testers.

                                          Usability Hub
                   Usability Hub is a simple test website where the testers get to perform the short tests, design surveys and give their opinions as per their experience. You don't have to be a professional tester to take part in Usability Hub, in fact, businesses prefer their website to be tested by normal people. Usabilityhub tester gets 1 to 5 credits for every test they participate in and can cash out as soon as they accumulate 100 credits for $10 Paypal cash.

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                          There are five types of test in usability hub and the number of credits you will get after completing the test depends on the type of the test. There are single click tests, five seconds tests, design question tests, preference tests, and navigation experience tests. None of these tests will take more 2-3 minutes of your time and pays up to 5 credits. You just need to follow the simple instructions of each test and answer accordingly. I would also recommend you to enable push notifications in settings so that you can complete a test as soon as it becomes available and earn more.

Payment Proof:-

Pros:- 1) Payment via Paypal.

           2) Most of the tests take less than a minute and pays $0.10 - $0.50.

           3) You often get tests that pay more than 1 credit and as much as 5 credits.

           4) Low payment threshold of $10 only.

           5) Easy tests that every normal person can participate.

Cons:- 1) Payment waiting time can be sometimes as long as 4 weeks.

            2) Low earning potential of only $10 per month.

Final Thoughts:- Even though the earning potential of Usability Hub is only $10 per month but it will only take 5 minutes of your time daily. So, I think it is not a bad idea to complete some 1-minute tests in your free time. And to increase your earnings you can also join other similar websites. Thank you for reading my review of Usability Hub.

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