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Hello everyone, today I will share with you one of the best earning apps for android from the last couple of weeks I have been using an app called "Google opinion rewards" which is a short survey app from Google. In this review i will share my experience with the app and how you can earn free google play credits within minutes? To know more, please continue to read.

best earning apps for android

Google Opinion Rewards: 

Google opinion rewards app lets you earn google play credits or Paypal cash by answering short surveys that consist of just a few easy questions. Paypal payment option is only for IOS user. As far as the surveys are concerned you will receive the notifications when there are new surveys available for you. Each survey can pay up to ₹ 32.50 in google play credits. The questions asked in the survey could be anything like "which design is better?", "which image is more compelling?" etc.

Download app now:

google opinion rewards app

How to Get Start with Google opinion rewards?

Firstly, you need to sign up for an account with Google Opinion Rewards app. For this, you can use any Gmail account you want and then after successful registration you will become eligible to receive surveys and earn free google play credits. This goes as follows:-

1) Survey notification:- Whenever a new survey is available you will get a notification on your device.

2) Earn free google play credits or cash:- This can be done by simply by answering the survey straight away without wasting any time and you will get the google play credits within few seconds after completing the survey.

3) Shop anything in google play store:- Whatever you earn in Google opinion rewards, can be spent in getting your favorite apps, games, books and more on google play. Earned google play credits usually get expire after 1 year, so make sure to use them before it happens.

google opinion rewards app

Now the next question arises "how much one can earn through these surveys?"

Earning depends from person to person, some members receive very few surveys every month whereas some of the members receive much more surveys than others. To be honest, the earning potential from completing these surveys is not much but if you consider the time you are actually spending on it, then it is definitely a good earning app. The surveys usually take under 1 minute to complete and pays up to $1, not bad for a simple survey app.

ConclusionIn my opinion, this app is not a big earner but definitely worth it as the surveys are really short and easy. If you have an IOS  device then it is even better as you can receive payment through Paypal. I would say, it is an OK app for free time. 

If you are interested in earning through similar apps, please check our best earning apps for android, it will surely help. Please share with your friends if you like this post. Thank you.

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