CashPirate Review: Legit or Scam?

Few months ago, I came across an earning app called Cashpirate. It looked promising to me, so I decided to install and work on it. But, did I really earned some cash with it? Is it legit? In this post, I will share with you my experience with this app.

Before started to work on Cashpirate, I decided to have a look at its stats in google play store. I found out that it has over a million downloads with a decent rating of 4.5 stars. Although ratings alone can not prove the legitimacy of an app it is generally a good indicator.

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After that, I opened the app and started working on it as it was the only way to know how does cashpirate work.

Download link:

Getting Started:

Firstly, I registered with the app using an email and a password. You should also use a referral code (UETPSW) while registering as it will give you free 500 bonus coins, however, you have to start completing offers to receive those free bonus coins. The app has a very simple interface without any graphics or animation and because of this, it seems to runs very smoothly without any lagging. 

                                       After that, I visited the "Earn Coins" section of the app where I found different subsections or offerwalls namely "Pirate Picks", "SponsorPay" and "TrialPay" to earn money from.

1) Pirate Picks: It consists of the offers which are self-hosted by the cashpirate. Cashpirate uses a tracking system for the offers you click and complete and credits you on the basis of that. This section includes downloading apps from playstore, watching videos and some survey walls. Most of the apps pay up to 100 coins which only requires you to download an app and run for a few minutes and you will get paid instantly. There are also offers where the user has to keep the downloaded app on their phones for a few days, obviously, those pay even better.

2) Sponsorpay: Second is Sponsorpay offerwall where you can complete 3rd party offers and surveys. The problem with Sponsorpay offerwall is that for some of the offers you complete you may not get coins credited successfully which is not the case with Pirate Picks. Most of the offers are like downloading games and playing for few minutes, signing up to a website or app, video ads etc.

3) TrialPay: Then there are TrialPay offers:
Free Trials: where users can get paid for signing up to free trials but remember to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends as they will automatically charge you after that.

Sign up: You can also sign up to different apps or websites and earn money. You just have to put your email id and password to sign up in most of the offers.

Playing games: It's a fun way to earn money online. You have to reach a specific score in most of the games to get the coins. You don't have to install these games as they can be played inside the browser.

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And lastly, you can also earn coins by referring others with your referral code. Cashpirate pays 10% lifetime commission for every referral you bring in and also 5% commission for your 2nd level referrals. It means, you can also earn from the referrals of your referral.

Payment Options Available:

You can redeem your earned coins in the "Redeem Coins" section. For Paypal redemption, the minimum requirement is $2.50 for 2500 coins. You can also cash out for mobile recharge, prepaid visa card, and Facebook gift cards. You can expect your payment just after 10 minutes of cash out request which is very rare with other online earning applications.

apps like cashpirate

Earning Potential:

To be honest, the earning potential of cash pirate is not very high. If you spend 1 hour daily on cashpirate, you can expect between $10 - 20 every month. Your earnings depend upon many factors including your geographical location. Tier 1 countries like USA, UK, Canada gets more high paying offers as compared to others but it does not mean others cannot earn from it. The earnings generated from cashpirate can only be considered as pocket money or side cash.


Cashpirate is a legitimate earning app which is available globally. Users can definitely earn some side cash from it if they work properly without using illegal methods like vpn, hacking etc. If you are considering cashpirate as a reliable source of income then you are definitely having unrealistic expectations. So, I would like to say that it will definitely pay you if you work on it.

You are welcomed to share your cashpirate referral code in the comments section below.

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