Spare5 Review: Is it a legit earn money program?

Today, I am going to review an app and site called Spare5. In this review of Spare5, you will get to know what is Spare5? how does it work? is it legit or scam? and what are it's supported payment processors?

What is Spare5?

Spare5 is a micro tasks website which allows its users to earn money online by completing short tasks available on their platform. Currently, they have the app version available only for the IOS users and a web version for everyone. The tasks available on Spare5 are like tagging images, creating bounding boxes around objects, rating different images etc. However, in order to qualify for these tasks you have to complete qualifier tasks first and then depending upon your performance, paid tasks becomes available to you. So, it is recommended to complete as many qualifier tasks as you can.

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How does Spare5 work? 

1) Firstly, you need to join Spare5 as a "Five" by putting your email address and a password or you can also join through one of your social media accounts. 

How does spare5 work?

2) Now, you have the option to work from their IOS app or website or both. You don't have to create another account if you work through both platforms, you just have to use your login details while changing the platform.

3) Then you will be taken to their tasks page where you will find some training as well as qualifier tasks. Those tasks will not pay any money for their completion but will give you XP which is very crucial for getting the paid tasks.

Spare5 referral link
Spare5 XP level

4) Complete the training and qualifier tasks correctly by following the instructions and examples provided, so that you can qualify for the paid ones.

5) Once you complete the qualifier tasks successfully and gained some XP, you will start receiving the paid tasks. These tasks will be similar to the tasks you completed during the qualifier. You should not have much difficulty in completing them if instructions are read properly.

6) You will get paid for the paid tasks you complete. Although these tasks pay only a few cents per task but are very easy and can be completed under a minute. And these cents add up quickly as you can complete each task multiple times.

7)  Finally, you will receive your payment from Spare5 provided you reach the minimum threshold.

Task Types:

1) Image labeling: In these tasks, you will be asked to label the images correctly as per the instructions. It is the easiest and most basic task available in Spare5.

2) Bounding boxes: Again, a very easy and preferred task among the users. It requires to create bounding boxes around objects. Just make sure to follow instructions closely as mistakes will result in fewer tasks availability in the future.

how does spare5 work?
Spare5 tasks

3) Segmentation: You will need to draw outlines for various objects like cars, vans etc. in this task. The more closely the outline is drawn, the better it is.

4) Rating images: Here you will be asked to rate an image as per the specific requirements like quality, shadow level etc.

5) Categorize objects: In these tasks, users have to correctly categorize the required objects. These questions can be tricky sometimes but with experience, it can be done easily.

6) Research: In this task, you have to search online for the required information and answer accordingly.

7) Writing: Here you will be required to enter captions and description for images.

8) Phone survey: You will be asked to make phone calls and accumulate information on different topics.

There are also other types of tasks that are available on Spare5 from time to time as per the customer's requirement. As I said before, the availability of the tasks depends upon the performance of the user in the previous tasks. Better performance means more tasks whereas average performance leads to less number of tasks. If you find it difficult to complete Spare5 tasks, you can search for Spare5 tasks tutorial on google and youtube, there are many available.

Referral commission:

You need to earn at least $10 in tasks in order to become eligible for the Spare5 referral program. After you become eligible for the referral program, you can earn as much as $20 from a single referral. Let's see how it works, suppose you get a referral by sharing your Spare5 referral link and then for every $10 your referral earns you will get a $2 bonus and your referral gets extra $1, this will continue until your referral's first 180 days or their first $100 in earnings (whichever comes first). So, in order to earn a decent referral commission, you have to refer very active and dedicated members.

Earning Potential:

The amount of money you can make with Spare5 depends upon many factors like tasks availability, your XP level, the accuracy of your work etc. Many members complaint of less number of tasks whereas at the same time many members are earning good income every week. No doubt, at start earnings will be very low but as soon as the member starts completing tasks successfully with high accuracy, the earnings will definitely increase. I would say, one can earn between $5 to $30 every week depending upon their skill level.

Payment Methods:

Right now, Paypal is the only available payment processor for Spare5. Spare5 pays it's users every Friday as long as they reach the minimum payment threshold of $1. Due to a very low minimum payout threshold, it is very easy to get paid from Spare5 within a few days of joining, which is very rare in other online earning methods. If you don't have Paypal availability in your country then you cannot get paid from Spare5.

spare5 minimum payout

Final thoughts:
Spare5 is a legitimate micro tasks platform where the user can definitely earn a side cash provided they complete the tasks accurately by following the instructions and video tutorials. Spare5 cannot be considered as a reliable source of earning as the earnings of members fluctuate every week as per the availability of tasks. As long as you consider Spare5 as a side cash earner you would be happy with your earnings. 

If you are already a member of Spare5 feel free to share your experience and Spare5 referral link in the comments section below. Thank you for reading.

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