TimeBucks review: How does it work?

Recently, I came across a website called TimeBucks. After some investigation, I have found that it is a reward website where users can earn real money by doing just a few simple tasks like taking pictures, watching videos etc. In this review, I will share my experiences with you about TimeBucks. After reading this review, you will find out what is TimeBucks, is it legit or scam, how to earn from it, is it worth spending time or not etc.

timebucks review

What is TimeBucks?

Timebucks is an online earning website where users can earn real cash just for completing a few easy tasks like taking selfies, browsing content, answering surveys, creating youtube videos, growing a beard etc. TimeBucks has been in business since 2014 and growing continuously day by day. If you love to earn money by doing some interesting tasks then you can definitely consider working with TimeBucks.

Website link: https://timebucks.com

How does TimeBucks Work?

In order to become a member of TimeBucks, you just need to input a valid email address and your password or you can even join through your facebook account. It is absolutely free to join TimeBucks. If you sign up with an email id, make sure to click the confirmation email in order to verify your account.

timebucks payment methods

After gaining the TimeBucks Membership, you can start earning some money from the variety to tasks available at TimeBucks. 

Taking Pictures: You will get tasks where you will be asked to take daily selfies, taking pictures while growing a beard etc. You have complete these tasks as per the instructions in order to get paid.

Answering Surveys: These surveys are similar to the surveys you would get on any other survey website. These surveys generally take around 10 - 20 minutes and pay anything between $0.50 - $2. Keep in mind you may get disqualified in some surveys and ends up wasting some time without earning anything.

Watching Short Videos: You can earn few cents every day by watching these 1-minute videos. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money from TimeBucks.

Offers: You can get paid by signing up with different websites. Some of the offers may require you to sign up for a free trial where you have to use your credit card information. If you want to earn from those offers, make sure to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends or you will be charged.

Installing Apps: It is another good way to earn from TimeBucks. In these tasks, you will be provided with an app link which you can use to install the app from Google Play Store. Some of the apps even require you to play for a few minutes and pays more. You can earn anything between 5 to 20 cents by installing apps on your smartphone.

Browsing Content: You can also make a few extra cents by browsing others website. The pay is negligible in this task as compared to other tasks.

Daily Bonus: Top 5 earners receive a nice bonus every day from TimeBucks. So, it makes sense to be an active member of TimeBucks.

Recruiting Others: This is the best way to earn a decent income. TimeBucks does offer a referral program where they pay commissions up to five levels deep. So, in this way, users can commission even from the referrals of their referral up to five levels.

How much can I earn from TimeBucks?

Earnings highly depend upon the geographical location of the user, payment of the tasks completed and the total time spent on earning from TimeBucks. I can definitely say that by working on TimeBucks, no one can make huge earnings, but one can definitely earn few extra bucks every month from the comfort of his/her home. Most of the tasks on TimeBucks pay between one penny to $3. Here are some of the various payments from different tasks:

Watching a video: 1 cent

Browsing content: 1 cent

Creating a youtube video: $3

Answering Surveys: $1

Installing apps: $0.10

Income from the above tasks may not be enough for you but combined with other similar sites like EarnablyInstagc, and Microworkers you can end up with a decent amount of cash in your hand at the end of the month. All these websites are free to join and offers various ways to earn money online.

How do I get paid from TimeBucks?

Timebucks payment methods
TimeBucks pays every Friday to its members through PayPal and Bitcoin provided they reach the minimum payment threshold of $10. Other than the US/UK and other Tier 1 countries, the earnings on Timebucks will be very slow and it may take 2 - 3 months before you receive your first payment. The number of available tasks are generally very low for most of the members and therefore TimeBucks cannot be considered as a stable source of income. 

Is TimeBucks a Scam or Legit?

TimeBucks is a legitimate get paid to website which lets its users earn money by completing some short easy tasks and activities that they already do but without getting paid. You can find many payment proofs of TimeBucks online. Now, one thing is clear, that you will not become rich by working with TimeBucks, but it can definitely let you earn few extra bucks every month without much hassle. Some of the tasks can be really interesting which most of us would love to complete like growing a plant taking its pictures at different intervals of time. Tasks like these also pay much more than others. So, it can be fun to complete these tasks while getting paid at the same time.

I would also like to recommend you these free earning apps to increase your income. All of them are legit and paying their members honestly from the last few years. As long as you consider all these income sources as side cash earners, you will be happy in working with them. Just spend your spare time with them and see your income growing.

Thank you for reading my TimeBucks review, if you have any comments, questions or experience with TimeBucks, feel free to leave a comment below. 

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