Slidejoy lock screen app: How does it work?

Do you know that you can earn cash just by unlocking your smartphone? You heard it right. Today I will review a lock screen app called Slidejoy. In this Slidejoy review, you will get to know how does this app work, is it legit or scam, how much one can earn from it, payment options available and whether it is worth it or not?

how does slidejoy work

Slidejoy is a lock screen app which will let you earn some cash just for unlocking your smartphone. Whenever the users unlock their smartphone they will see trending news or ads on it and in return, they will get cash or gift card rewards from Slidejoy. Currently, Slidejoy app is only available on google play store.

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How Does Slidejoy Work? 

You can install the Slidejoy app from the google play store and then you will get the option to sign up with an email or facebook account. Signing up facebook account may provide more earning opportunities than an email sign up.

After the successful sign-up process, you will be directed to an intro video about how to use the Slidejoy app. After that, you are all set to earn money from Slidejoy.

how much does slidejoy pay per slideWhenever you unlock your smartphone you will see some trending news or promotions, which you can either skip or watch, it won't have any affect on your earnings whether you choose to watch the ad or not. You may get banned from Slidejoy if you try to game the system by locking and unlocking your phone continuously just to earn more cash. Keep in mind Slidejoy does not pay its users as per the number of unlocks or slides, the points get credited randomly.

  • Slide UP on the lock screen in order to view more news.
  • Slide LEFT on the lock screen if you want to learn more about the news or ad.
  • Slide RIGHT on the lock screen to unlock your phone and go to the home screen of your phone.

For your activity on Slidejoy, you will get Carats which are redeemable for cash @ 1000 carats for $1. Once you have earned enough carats for a cashout, you can place a request and get paid instantly.

Earning Potential:

Slidejoy is just an extra cash earning app, you won't become rich by installing Slidejoy on your smartphone. But considering, you don't have to put so much extra effort in order to earn a few extra bucks every month, it is not that bad either. You can also add StreetbeesSpare5, and Cashpirate to the list in order earn a decent sum of side cash every month. As far as Slidejoy is concerned, one can easily earn $10 every month just by using their smartphone as they normally do. Neither you have to interact with the ads in order to earn from Slidejoy, nor it will affect your earnings. 

Payment Methods:

The minimum threshold for Paypal cashout is just $2 for 2040 Carats. You can expect your Paypal rewards in your account within minutes of cashout request. Having a low minimum payout makes Slidejoy stand out from rest of the lock screen apps. Other payment options include gift cards like Facebook, Visa, Big Bazaar, Amazon, Bookmyshow etc and not to forget different mobile top-up options. Availability of different payment processors also depends upon the location of the user.

Slidejoy lock screen app

Is Slidejoy app worth it?

Earning from Slidejoy is very easy and there is actually no work, the user only has to use their smartphones as they normally do. As I said before, Slidejoy is just an extra cash earning app, you will only be earning just a few extra bucks every month by installing Slidejoy on your phone. It all depends upon the user whether they mind installing a lock screen app on their phone for an extra $5 - $10 every month or not. Personally, I would say that it is definitely worth it as you don't actually have to browse the content in order to earn, you can simply skip the ads by sliding right on the lock screen and use your phone as you normally do. 


Slidejoy is a legit lock screen app which lets its users earn some side cash just for unlocking their phones. Slidejoy doesn't force its users to view the content in order to earn, users can still earn money even if they choose to skip the ads. That's the reason Slidejoy is well above its competitors. Whether to install Slidejoy or not, is a personal decision and depends upon one's expectations. As long as you consider Slidejoy as a side cash earning app you won't have any problems with it. It is available for both Android as well as IOS users. 

What do you think about the Slidejoy lock screen app? Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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